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Satoru Iwata from Nintendo has some cool information to share with you guys about the upcoming Wii U. In the video up top, Iwata talks of how the new console will change the way gamers socialize and from the looks of things this console is all about being social in your home as well as social with friends outside the home. There is also going to video chat in the Wii U, which was something that we sort of expected.

As a Wii U owner you will get to use your old Wii Remote/Numbshuck and for the hardcore gamers there is going to be a controller that resembles that of the XBOX 360.  Nintendo is calling this one the Wii U Pro controller that will let you play hardcore games. The Wii U Gamepad/Touch screen that we have all seen has changed since last year as it seems like Nintendo has fine tuned it and made it better.

We would prefer no to spoil it all for you, so check out the video up top for the complete new details on the Nintend Wii U and it’s features.


In case you were wondering, The Tester season 3 will be premiering on the Playstation Network this February 7, 2012. Those that are interested in watching the gamer-reality show will be treated to a new cast that seems interesting and will probably keep  you waiting for each episode as the weeks go by. Below is the full list of the Characters and up top you can see the whole cast highlights.

• Joel Alexander (aka J-Tight), 23, San Bernardino, CA
• Shaunette DeTie (aka BurnNibelheim), 22, Duarte, CA
• Nicole Dormer (aka asuukaa), 26, Milwaukee, WI
• Arin Hanson (aka egoraptor), 24, Palm Beach, FL
• Skyler Harper (aka Skyd1ddy), 29, Fontana, CA
• Ashphord Jacoway (aka Ashichan), 23, Pittsburg, CA
• Richard Lugo (aka ninjanomyx), 28, Bronx, NY
• Kaila Nemoto (aka kwajamonster), 25, Columbia, MO
• Krysti Pruden (aka krystipryde), 26, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
• Wilson Santiago (aka akilleezmight), 27, Brooklyn, NY
• Lissarette Vazquez (aka Suzkaiden), 22, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
• Charles Weichselbaum (aka RealityPalez), 22, Chicago, IL