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Bayonetta 2 why are you exclusive to the Wii U?

by Dude - on Sep 27th 2012 - 1 Comment

There are games that push the sale of consoles and then are the ones that will never have the chance to. I bet that’s what Nintendo thought when they decided to buy the rights from Sega to publish Bayonetta 2 on their upcoming Wii U.

About three weeks ago and still to this day, gamers have been really upset with Nintendo for making Bayonetta 2 an exclusive to the Wii U. Originally Bayonetta was a multi-platform that gamers with an XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 could play, which is a great thing especially if you only own one of the consoles.

The problem with the Wii U is that Nintendo has always been the console maker that attracts a certain crowd. This crowd of course is the kids and the casual gamers. A game like Bayonetta is more in the category of a hard-core gamer and that’s where clash comes in.

360 and PS3 owners are not usually the type of gamers that will buy a Nintendo Wii and speaking from my own experience, my Wii is collecting dust in my entertainment center. It was fun for me at the beginning when Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom came out, but then I started using my 360 and PS3 and rarely came back to the Wii. Games like Just Dance and new and older Mario games were the only titles that brought me back to the console and with Just Dance it was only for exercise.

On the positive side, Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U could look better than it would on the PS3 and the XBOX 360. The price of the console it’s not that bad considering that it will be a better console at least for the time being while we wait for PS4 and the future XBOX comes out.

If the Wii U can handle a game like Bayonetta 2, it will probably handle games like GTA V upcoming Battlefield 4 and future games. This could start a trend for Nintendo to buy the rights of games and bring them to their console. In a way Nintendo has to do this, because they are going after the hardcore gamers with the Wii U.

On the Negative side this sucks and it means that as gamers if we want to play this game, we will have to buy a Wii U. In a tough economy such as this one to make console exclusive game means that only a few will be able to play.

Yakuza: Dead Souls is out Now

by Dude - on Mar 18th 2012 - No Comments

More DLC coming to Gears of War 3

by Dude - on Feb 21st 2012 - No Comments

Epic Games, the cool people behind the Gears of War series will be releasing their fourth DLC for the popular exclusive . The Downloadable content will be named “Forces of Nature” and will have five new maps as well as three new locations and two older, but remastered settings. In an unveiling over at GameTrailers TV, Executive Producer Rod Ferguson added that:

“All the maps are themed around that notion of forces of nature — tornadoes, tsunamis, huge fog,”

In case that you were wondering this fourth DLC will be the last to come for Gears of War 3 and will bring back older maps Jacinto and Raven Down. Forces of Nature will be available sometime in March.

Details emerge from The Last of Us!

by Dude - on Feb 5th 2012 - 2 Comments

The guys behind the Uncharted series have finally released some details of their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive. In case you didn’t know, The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s next big game and we were only teased with a short trailer back at the VGA’s. A couple of days ago, GameInformer posted some new and exclusive screenshots of the game and that was quite a treat in itself, but still few details. With the latest details you will find out who it is that you will be controlling when you get the game and if you cam remember in the teaser there are two characters a girl (Ellie) and middle aged gentlemen (Joel) and it seems like a promising story.

Below are all the latest details.

  • A part of the game will take place in Pittsburg
  • Weapons will degrade after extensive use and eventually break, forcing players to scavenge for fresh supplies.
  • Players will not be able to control Ellie but Naughty Dog has put a lot of focus on her AI. Game Informer says that Ellie carried her weight in the demo they played.
  • Online has been confirmed. No co-op play however.
  • Combat was inspired by Anton Chigurh’s intense gun battle with Llewelyn Moss, (No Country for Old Men) using ambient noises, exhausted breathing and gunshots to compliment lack of music.
  • Naughty Dog calls AI system “Balance of Power”; they adapt and react dynamically to whoever has the upper hand in a fight situation.
  • The infected creatures, as seen on the teaser trailer, come up later in the game. First encounters are with humans and different factions of survival.


Watch the teaser trailer of The Last of Us

by Dude - on Dec 5th 2011 - No Comments

One of the things that Sony seems to taking serious is exclusives and this time around they bring us The last of Us. The details on this title are yet to be cleared, but up top you can see for yourself that whatever it is that Sony is working on will be something huge. The last Last of Us seems to be some kind of an emergency/apocalyptic tale as it shows you a world in which something big has happened. For now we just have the trailer, but be sure to keep checking with us as more details emerge.

Army Corps of Hell Screenshots

by Dude - on Nov 30th 2011 - No Comments

As the Playstation Vita becomes available in Japan and following that the North American & European release there will be some games that will become available on launch date. One of these games will be Army Corps of Hell, which looks fun. Below we have some of the screenshots of the game and while you wait you should know that the Playstation Vita will become available on February 22, 2012 in North America & Europe.


An Alan Wake 2 screenshot surfaces!

by Dude - on Nov 7th 2011 - No Comments

If you enjoyed the psychological thriller that was Alan Wake you will probably be interested to know that Alan Wake 2 is happening. The new screenshot shows you that the game might look better than the first one. As of now we’re not sure if this is going to make it to the XBOX 360 or if it’s going to be coming out on the next XBOX 720 or whatever Microsoft is calling their future console.

[Alan Wake 2] via Gameinformer

An New Eight Generation XBOX console might be on it’s way!

by Dude - on Oct 10th 2011 - 1 Comment

It is obvious that a new XBOX is coming and that we can all be sure about that. The biggest questions are when is it coming? and when will get the news that it’s coming?. Well according to new details that have been revealed to us here at the site it, seems like the console is in production and we might hear about it around next E3 2012. Some of the details go further and reveal that Microsoft is working very hard to take down Sony when it comes to exclusives. It would be nice if they didn’t have a year subscription of XBOX Live anymore and XBL would be free like PSN, but that’s just a dream of ours.

Here’s a screenshot of XBOX 720 seen at the Real Steel Trailer

Below is the trailer where you can see the logo on the Real Steel trailer

Of course we will have to wait and see when E3 2012 happens and if they decide to release info regarding an eight generation console.

Gears of War 3 get unboxed by Ice T

by Dude - on Sep 11th 2011 - No Comments

Rapper Ice T is known to be a gamer and because of this  he is doing the unboxing for Gears of War 3. As you probably, Ice T is in the game so the lucky bastard got himself a limited edition XBOX 360 with a GOW rifle. If you are a fan of you should also check out Ice Loves Coco his upcoming reality show, where you may see some of the stuff you will see on the video below.

Gears of War 3 Exclusive Dust to Dust Trailer

by Dude - on Sep 3rd 2011 - No Comments

This month is shaping up to be a very busy one for gaming being that the exclusives are starting to come out. This time around is Gears of War 3 that will be released exclusively on the XBOX 360 this 20th of September. This means that XBOX 360 and PS3 owners will probably not be leaving their homes. In the trailer below you see a very exclusive Gears of War 3 game trailer that just came out.