Kinect is a technology that uses your body as the controller and it’s Microsoft’s version to what the Nintendo Wii and what the Playstation Move are. It is a device unlike anything else that connects to your XBOX 360 via it’s USB ports. It works as a camera as well and you can tell it basic commands like play, stop and many more. In case you were wondering, Kinect does not turn your 360 on, so you will have to turn it on either by the controller or going to the console.

Kinect comes bundled with a games called ”Kinect Adventures” and with it you get to explore the technology in a basic way. Kinect Adventures comes with 20,000 Leaks, as well as River Rush, Rally Ball, Reflex Ridge, and Space Pop. These five games come in the Kinect Adventures CD and there are other different games coming out for it.

Kinect on the PC
As of now it only works on the XBOX 360, but Microsoft will eventually use this technology on the PC, which will work as a camera as well as a motion controller. By the time that Kinect makes it to your computer, you will probably be using Windows 8, so this feature isn’t coming to the PC any time soon.

This technology will be great for people with disabilities as it will give users the chance to tell it commands control things and much more.

Originally announced at E3 2009 code named (Project Natal) the add on was re-named Kinect, because Microsoft thought it would be a better name. The project name “Natal” comes from the Brazilian city as a tribute to Alex Kipman who kept the project alive. The name “Natal” also means birth and Microsoft linked it with the birth of the next generation.

MIcrosoft launched a big advertising campaign with Kinect in Time Square and it was a huge success as they sold about 2.5 million Kinects in 25 days, which is a record. Personally we were expecting that the Playstation Move would sell more, but as of now the move is losing the battle.

With Kinect we are using a technology that needs improvements and because of this as a gamer you end up getting frustrated. The lighting is very important for Kinect as we have noticed that there are times where it doesn’t recognise the player.

There are some rumors circulating that Kinect has trouble detecting people that are black as the camera misses a lot of the moves that they make. This can be irritating if you are an African American or of African decent, because it will not detect you.