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Trailer for Angry Birds the movie!

by Dude - on Mar 28th 2011 - No Comments

Angry Birds is everywhere and recently they made it to Playstation as it is available on the PS3 and PSP. For some reason this game has yet to make it to the Nintendo DS, but who knows what the future has for this game. Now there is a Angry Birds movie and you can see the trailer below. I personally didn’t know what storyline this movie would have, but it does have one. Watch the trailer below!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will cost €649!

by Dude - on Mar 15th 2011 - No Comments

It seems like the folks over at Sony must be either doing drugs or simply crazy if they think that gamers in Europe are going to spend €649 euros for their Xperia Play, a Sony Erickson Phone. If the rumor is true that equals to about $900 US Dollars, which gamers are probably not going to spend in this economy. We are sure that it may be a cool phone to carry around, but Sony not even Apple does that shit even if it’s a good quality.


Twisted Junk Video Game Awards 2010

by Dude - on Dec 31st 2010 - No Comments

We are very excited to bring you our own video game awards for the year of 2010. These awards go to the best games that have come out this year and only a few selected will get to win. These awards took months to pick and searches were a determining factor in our site as many of you readers searched for these games in our site.

So, lets get started! (more…)

There is a Playstation App coming to iPhones and Android phones!

by Dude - on Dec 20th 2010 - No Comments

If you live in Europe and were expecting a Playstation app for your iPhone or Android based phone well wait no longer. According to the Playstation Blog in Europe there is going to be an official app that will be released on iTunes as well as the Android Market very soon. Playstation 3 users in the United States will have to wait for a while, but not too long, let’s hope.

[Playstation Blog Europe]

There might be an Official PSP 2

by Dude - on Dec 20th 2010 - No Comments

There have been many rumors going around about what we should expect on the future of the PSP.  Some believe that the new PSP will be integrated with the Android mobile operating system as there have been some videos leaking the PSP Phone made by Sony Ericsson. According to MaxConsole, the new PSP2 is code named “VETA” and apparently it is powerful enough to run a game like Uncharted 3. This news came to them via their local version of GameInformer.

We hope if this true and not a rumor that Sony doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for the PSP2.

[Max Console]

Google Announces the New Nexus S

by Dude - on Dec 7th 2010 - No Comments

If you hate the iPhone like I do you will probably be happy to know that Google has announced that Nexus S is coming and so far things look good. With the Nexus S you get a very compact Android OS styled phone and if you are shopping for a new phone you should check it out. It seems like the voice recognition abilities look promising, but in the end if you have an accent it may not recognize what you are saying, so let’s hope that they fix this.

Below you can see the videos


So the Playstation Potable Phone is real!

by Dude - on Dec 4th 2010 - No Comments

This is probably going to be the best portable gaming device in ages and although nothing has been confirmed as of now, the PSP Phone might be real after all. The whole thing started a couple of weeks ago when Engadget posted a video of what looks like an Android based PSP. The way I look at it, most likely this phone will probably have a PSP emulator that will allow you to open up PSP Games as well as Android based games as well. This device will probably connect to the Playstation Network so you can download your psp games to it as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Sony opens their lips about this one.

Below you can see the video

Angry Birds is coming to the Wiiware, PSN, XBL

by Dude - on Nov 15th 2010 - No Comments

Things are looking good for you gamers that wanted to play Angry Birds, but didn’t have Android OS or an iPhone/iPod to play it in. It looks like Angry Birds will be making its way to the consoles very soon. If you never heard of Angry Birds you should really check it out especially if you have an Android Os phone as you can get this game for free on the Market. I personally enjoyed this game a lot on my HTC EVO, but to experience a game like this on the consoles will be awesome as the 3 have motion control, so imagine the possibilities that this game can bring especially with Kinect and Playstation Move.

My People check out Flee, for Android

by Dude - on Nov 11th 2010 - No Comments

If you are like me you probably played at one time in your life one of those  LCD style games that were popular back in the 90’s. I can remember that back then these games were awesome as you had the option to play a baseball or basketball game and the best part of these  handhelds was that they were cheap, so everyone could have one. Flee for android re creates that and brings us back to those simple days of playing these handheld portable games at lunch time in grade school. There are two versions on the Android Market and yes a free version and a paid version, so if you have an android based phone log on the market and check it out as it will bring back that 90’s nostalgia. Check out the video below. (more…)

PopCap Announces Bejeweled 3

by Dude - on Nov 3rd 2010 - No Comments

The folks over at Pop Cap games announce that there will be a Bejeweled 3 coming out December 7, 2010. This is a franchise that I personally grew up with, so it will be interesting to see what the new features will be. There really isn’t much information as to when the game will make it on the Android Market of the Apple Store, but it will be available on the PC on the release date, so that’s good enough for me. Keep checking with us for updates as we are following this one, but for now check out the trailer below.