About 2 weeks ago we received a tip that suggested  Grand Theft Auto IV: Stories for the Vita and while it was difficult to believe this, we posted the article to notify you GTA fans out there of this future game. Our tipster gave us a lot of details and it caused quite a stir around N4G and other sites were talking about it. As with any tip, we usually post those type of articles under the rumors section until there is an official confirmation from the publisher.

To give you guys an update, we thought that you should know that Eurogamer posted a screengrab of what appears to be a Grand Theft Auto for the PlayStation Vita. The screen was taken from the major European game store known as Play.com. In the image it shows that the retailer posted Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights with preorder options, which is a really good hint of a future title. Although this may be a mistake from the retailer there are times in which game stores have sensitive information about future games and their releases.

In my opinion Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights on the PlayStation Vita would be awesome, but I highly doubt that Rockstar would put all this effort at creating a new Vice City just for the handheld. I can see them doing this for the consoles and then making a slim down version that would work with the handheld. We will have to wait and see, but below you can see the item as it was posted on Play.com.

[Fake Vice City Image] – [Eurogamer Article] – [Screen Taken from Play.com]